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Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

At Ellie's Cellar we strive to offer our best customer service and product knowledge. Here you will find questions we receive at markets as well as tips for using our products and our business policies.

Do you ship?

Absolutely! We are an artisan business and craft our products by hand so our time is strictly scheduled, but we ship orders that have been completed and paid for on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Yours will be shipped on the first shipping morning after you have completed your order. We use USPS flat rate shipping. Typically it is delivered in 3 to 5 business days.

Can I use your Laundry Powder in a front load washer?

Yes. I've been using it in mine for years, my best advise here is to add the powder directly into the drum with the clothes then start the washer. 

Why only 1 tablespoon of Laundry Soap?

Commercial laundry soap can be from 80 to 95% water. We are used to having to add in a large cup full. Because we do not add fillers or extra bulk to our detergents a little bit goes a long way. If you have a king sized load of super dirty clothes (teen boys mud wrestling) then feel free to add a second scoop, or if you're just washing a small load drop it to half a scoop. With my family of all teen boys and myself I rarely have to do more than a single scoop. A little bit goes a long way toward a true clean!

Can you use the All Purpose Concentrate on floors

Yes! I have it labeled to use 1oz to 16oz of water to make a foaming spray cleaner for most surfaces. You can dilute it further by mixing 1 tablespoon into a gallon of hot water to mop floors with. 

It's safe, does that mean I can eat it?

Step away from the soap Tommy! Yes my soaps are safer and eco friendly and all natural, but they are not meant for human consumption. The survival of our species depends on you my friend, do not consume soap in any fashion. Instead have a muffin from our friends at Kahiau's or one of those killer good subs from Honest Pastures

Refunds, Exchanges, Returns

If you receive a product that is damaged or broken prior to your receiving it, Please send us pictures of the damaged product and we can replace it or give you a store credit at owners discretion.

What Our Clients Say


C.B. Suffolk

Just WoW! That Paste is tough stuff! 
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