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You may have a small hotel, a shelter or farm, or maybe you're preparing for the apocalypse- while we can't promise our laundry soap will keep the zombies away, we will happily provide you with enough to thoroughly test the theory.

*This does come in a plastic 5 gallon bucket. While all our other products use glass or paper we currently have no other reasonable option but are very open to suggestions. When the soap is gone please do not throw away the bucket- it has many many useful functions around the home and garden. ❤️

Ingredients: Sodium borate, Sodium carbonate, magnesium, coconut oil, castor oil, lye, essential oils, (may include lavender, verbena, orange, cherry Blossom, Elderberry Blossom, Eucalyptus, apple mint, or spearmint) natural colors (may include hibiscus, lavender, orange peel, or rose hips)

BULK 2250 Load Laundry Powder (5 gallon bucket)

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