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Wax wraps. What even are they? Get your crunchy on because I'm about to tell you!

A wax wrap is a reusable alternative to single use plastic wrap, aluminum foil, zip lock bags, etc. It's fabric that has been impregnated with a mixture of bees wax, Joba oil, and pine rosin to make it water proof and when held in warm hands flexible enough to mold to the jar or dish you're covering with just enough "sticky" to adhere to itself and the dish nicely for an airtight seal.

You can cover leftovers, wrap a sandwich for your lunchbox, fold into a pouch, and use it as a baggie for snacks and so much more.

Here's the big deal! When properly cared for, they will last for 3 Years or longer!

Simply wash with cold water and dish soap to clean and allow to air dry. If your wraps get to the point that they are not waxy all the way across, place between sheets of parchment paper and iron to redistribute the wax!

With all these fun prints to choose from, why would not you make the switch. A cleaner greener tomorrow starts with small habits today.

4 pack 10x10 wax wraps

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